With a long life-story, Compal's Vegetables and Tomato products, which have been in the Portuguese market for over five decades, help you to have a healthy and nutritionally-balanced diet. Make your dishes even tastier with our Portuguese-inspired ingredients and liven up your family meals.
Vegetables and Tomato products
Legumes are a source of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. They are an important part of Portuguese cuisine and are essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Our vegetable products are carefully-selected, practical and quick to prepare. The manufacturing production of tinned legumes is similar to the home cooking process, which ensures their quality and preservation.
The Compal Tomato products are natural products which are easy to use, with the taste of 100% fresh Portuguese tomatoes.
Tomatoes and their derivatives are essential foods for our health, and should be eaten regularly as part of a healthy diet. Tomato pulp is made from diluting tomato concentrate, then adding and correcting the acidity, to make it tastier.