The Compal Tomato products are natural products which are easy to use, with the taste of 100% fresh Portuguese tomatoes.
Tomatoes and their derivatives are essential foods for our health, and should be eaten regularly as part of a healthy diet. Tomato pulp is made from diluting tomato concentrate, then adding and correcting the acidity, to make it tastier.
Tomato products
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    The Polpa de Tomate Compal (Compal Tomato Pulp) is a Natural Product that tastes of fresh tomatoes and is easy to use.
    Tomatoes are almost the exclusive provider of a carotenoid called "Lycopene". This is responsible for the tomato's red colour and is a powerful antioxidant which helps eliminate toxic substances from the body.
    Ingredients:Concentrated tomato juice and pulp, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid.