At Compal we have travelled the world for over 60 years, in search of the best fruit to give its true flavour to each drop of our juices and nectars. We closely monitor its growth and select the fruit at just the right time. It's not by chance that the fruit is always rich in nutrients and full of flavour like no other.
The result is delicious nectars and juices with the flavour of freshly-picked fruit. Made only with squeezed fruit and just adding heaps of passion and knowledge.
They call it art or science or maybe both. We call it Fruitology.
This is our knowledge and our vocation.
Juices and Nectars
This is where we find Compal's long-standing day-to-day and everyday flavours. Each range is bursting with full and truly unique flavours, made from squeezed fruit, as only Compal knows how.
As fruitology is not only full of magic, but also wisdom, it was only with a good portion of dreaming and inspiration that we were able to create something as unexpected as the new Compal Vital Equilíbrio.
The Compal Veggie range defines the revolution of fruitology, bringing together vegetables and fruit in a perfect combination. We took the passion for discovering unique combinations and added the imagination for creating really intense, rich and sophisticated juices. Beetroot Apple, Carrot Apple Ginger and Veggie Tomato.