Have you eaten any fruit today? The Compal Essential portions of fruit are nutritionally equivalent to the respective fresh fruit.
They have no added colouring or preservatives, making them a healthy option to complement and combat the usual insufficient consumption of fruit. They have been created with the objective of contributing towards achieving the 3 to 5 portions of fruit a day recommended by the WHO.
The Compal Essential range offers six different fruits for people with a busy life who are looking for a convenient solution that enables them to eat more fruit at any time and in any place, without having to wash and peel it.
In response to new consumption trends, we developed a new functional range to address specific needs, adapted to current lifestyles, for those wanting to eat more fruit. It is the result of amalgamating a piece of fruit and specific nutrients, which can provide an additional benefit to the nutritional equivalent of the piece of fruit, as a complement to the daily diet.
The brand's first portion of multifruits developed especially for children. It has Apple, Banana, Orange and Pineapple, and is a practical and fun way for kids to eat more fruit. Ideal for their school lunch-box!