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These terms and conditions and Privacy Policy refer to the website "" owned by SUMOL+COMPAL Marcas S.A, hereinafter referred to as "SUMOL+COMPAL".



When accessing this website, you acknowledge and declare to have read, understood and accept these general conditions, which govern the relationship to be established between the visitor/user of the website and SUMOL+COMPAL Marcas, S.A. If you do not accept them, you should not use this website. The relations between SUMOL+COMPAL and the users of this website are also governed by the other applicable laws of the Portuguese Republic.


The content of the website and any other websites of the World Wide Web held, operated, licensed or controlled by the SUMOL+COMPAL Group or by any one of the respective associate companies or subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as "SUMOL+COMPAL Group") may not be copied, modified, distributed, published, sent electronically or by post, or transmitted by any other means or reproduced without prior consent, in writing, by SUMOL+COMPAL.

However, you may download a copy of the content to a computer for your personal, domestic and non-commercial use, as long as you do not delete or change any item of intellectual property, a commercial brand or indications of ownership. Amendment or use of the content for any other purposes violates the intellectual property rights of SUMOL+COMPAL. The contest of this website is supplied only for lawful purposes.


SUMOL+COMPAL cannot be held liable for any personal loss or damage resulting, namely, from any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, fault, transmission delay, computer virus or fault in the telecommunications system. SUMOL+COMPAL cannot be held liable for any personal loss or damage caused, namely, by indirect or consequential damage as a result of the use, or inability to use the content of this website, even in the case of negligence. The total liability of SUMOL+COMPAL for the total loss and damage, whether contractual or due to malice (including, without limitations, negligence) may not be higher than the sum paid to access this website.

The limitation or exclusion of the above liability will not be applicable in as far as the applicable law does not so permit.


Any comments, suggestions, ideas, graphics or other information communicated to SUMOL+COMPAL through this website, as well as any material that is sent through it (collectively referred to as "Presentations") will become the final property of SUMOL+COMPAL. SUMOL+COMPAL is not obliged to handle any Presentation as being confidential, and cannot be held liable for any acts regarding the respective activity (including, namely, ideas about products or advertisements) and also cannot be held liable for any similarities with the Presentations detected in future operations by SUMOL+COMPAL. SUMOL+COMPAL will have, without any limitation, the right to exclusive ownership of all rights, present and future, over the Presentations, whatever their type, nature or origin, or place of use. When submitting a Presentation, the visitor/user acknowledges and accepts that the rights pertaining to it will be the property of SUMOL+COMPAL. The visitor/user undertakes to practice all acts and issue the documents that become necessary for the effective transferral of all rights in favour of SUMOL+COMPAL. Except that which is provided for below in this paragraph, Sumol+Conpal will have the right to use the Presentation for any purposes, whether commercial or otherwise, without any compensation being due to you or any other person who has sent the Presentation. SUMOL+COMPAL may delete a presentation from the website when it believes that such presentation has unlawful content, is against the law, is offensive or there is a suspicion that it violates third-party intellectual property rights. The supply of personal data on this website is carried out voluntarily by the users. The use made of your personal data is exclusively for internal purposes; it is not sold or by any means transferred to any third-parties or to other entities that are not involved in the management of the website. The information supplied by the users in various locations on this website is not retained. The right to use the Presentations, described above, is subject to this use of information and excludes the non-retained information. The User acknowledges to be responsible for any materials he or she presents, and is totally responsible, as opposed to SUMOL+COMPAL, for the message sent, including the respective legality, reliability, honesty, originality and any intellectual property rights that it might involve. SUMOL+COMPAL will not check if the Presentations submitted violate third-party intellectual property rights, the visitor/user being solely responsible for any violation of the said rights, the latter undertaking to compensate SUMOL+COMPAL for any damage that it might suffer and/or reimburse SUMOL+COMPAL the payment of any indemnity in to which the latter comes to be condemned to pay.


Except when otherwise stipulated, all the content of this website is only made available to supply information about SUMOL+COMPAL. SUMOL+COMPAL makes no statements about the appropriateness or availability of that content for use in any other place. If you are using this website from anywhere other than Portugal, you should bear in mind that there may be specific rules of that place which will be applicable to your relationship with SUMOL+COMPAL. Certain software from this website may be subject to export control, and may not be downloaded or by any means exported or re-exported. The present Clauses and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law. In case of any doubt regarding the interpretation of any of these clauses and conditions or of dispute between SUMOL+COMPAL and the user, the parties consider the District Court of Oeiras to have jurisdiction.


The content of this website may include technical imperfections or typographical errors. SUMOL+COMPAL can make any changes or improvements, at any given time. The content of this website is supplied as is, without any guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, to the fullest extent permitted by law. SUMOL+COMPAL does not provide any guarantees as to the respective appropriateness for sale or for a specific purpose. SUMOL+COMPAL does not guarantee that the functions of the content will run continuously or without errors, or that the faults will be corrected, that this website or the server supporting it are available or exempt from virus or any other factors that compromise its use. SUMOL+COMPAL does not provide any guarantees or make any statements regarding the use or the result of the use of this website, in terms of the respective correctness, preciseness, reliability or others. It is the user (and not SUMOL+COMPAL) who assumes the total cost of any maintenance, repairs or corrections to the equipment he or she uses. The above exclusion may not be applicable in as far as the applicable law may not so permit.


SUMOL+COMPAL, or the user, may cancel this contract, at any given moment. The user may terminate this contract by destroying the following: (a) any content obtained from the SUMOL+COMPAL websites, and (b) all the documentation and all the copies and installations (collectively referred to as "Content"). SUMOL+COMPAL can terminate this contract immediately and without any notice, if, in the exclusive opinion of SUMOL+COMPAL, the user has contravened any clause or condition of the contract. At the time of the cancellation, the user should destroy all the content in his or her possession.


SUMOL+COMPAL may change these General Conditions and Privacy Policy at any given moment, thereby updating this page. The visitor/user should regularly consult the General Conditions in order to be aware of the changes made. The products and services of SUMOL+COMPAL are available in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, the website of SUMOL+COMPAL may describe products and services that are not available throughout the world. This website may be linked to other websites and contains links to other websites that are not maintained by SUMOL+COMPAL, and so SUMOL+COMPAL is not responsible for the content of those website nor does that mean that SUMOL+COMPAL has any rights over the content of the said website. The inclusion of any links to one of those websites does not imply any link or relationship between the said website and SUMOL+COMPAL and access by the user is made on his or her own behalf and at his or her own risk.


The following commercial brands, used on this website, are held or licensed to SUMOL+COMPAL or to the respective subsidiaries: [CompalAir; Compal Clássico; Compal Light; Compal Fresh; Compal Vital; Compal Essencial; Compal de Fruta Fresca; B!; Um Bongo; Frize; Água Serra Da Estrela; Tagus; Grolsch; Sumol; Sumol Z; Sumol Néctar; Sumol Neclight; Sumol 100%, Guaraná Antartica; Sucol; Gud; Citro; Blendz] All the other commercial brands belong to their respective owners. The user is banned from using any of the brands found on this website, this only being possible with prior written authorisation from SUMOL+COMPAL or the respective owners.


SUMOL+COMPAL S.A. (hereinafter referred to as "SUMOL+COMPAL”) is pleased to provide information to all respective customers about its privacy policy. SUMOL+COMPAL makes every effort to protect the privacy of the people that visit this website. Despite the efforts of SUMOL+COMPAL to protect your personal data, as these are collected using an open network - the Internet - they may circulate on the network without security conditions, running the risk of being seen and used by unauthorised third-parties.

Types of Information that we Collect and How it is Used

SUMOL+COMPAL only collects personal information such as the first name and surname, addresses, email addresses, mobile phone and personal ID number, voluntarily provided by the visitor. As such, personal information, for example, may be collected for us to obtain your opinion on our websites and our products, or for the purpose of participating in quizzes. SUMOL+COMPAL is responsible for handling the personal information collected and is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of the website and only collects personal information that is voluntarily supplied with the consent of the user, such information only being used for the purposes for which the respective collection is aimed.

Whenever the information collected is of a mandatory nature, failure to supply it may lead to the impossibility of participating in activities organised through this website or of benefiting from functionalities that it offers.

Sharing Personal Information

SUMOL+COMPAL is part of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group, which includes our subsidiaries, and our associates, which may also be the recipients of the data collected. Any use of that information or of your personal data by other companies belonging to the SUMOL+COMPAL Group will comply with the terms of our Privacy Policy. From time to time, and with your authorisation, we will send you marketing information, such as discount coupons, information about new products, etc. If you do not wish to receive such information, it will not be sent.

SUMOL+COMPAL may use other companies to carry out a series of functions, such as fulfilling orders, providing assistance with promotion, supplying technical service for our websites, etc. It is possible that these companies have access to personal information if that is necessary for them to carry out those functions. Nevertheless, they may only use that personal information with the objective of carrying out those functions and not for any other objective.
SUMOL+COMPAL does not sell, transfer or reveal personal information to third-parties, outside the SUMOL+COMPAL Group. Nevertheless, with your authorisation, we will send you, from time to time, commercial information about products or services of our commercial partners and which might possibly interest you. You may be asked if you wish to receive marketing information from the commercial partners of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group. If you wish to receive such information, the SUMOL+COMPAL Group will not disclose your personal information to those partners, but will send you a mailing or emails in the name of and on behalf of those partners.
SUMOL+COMPAL reserves the right to use or reveal any information in as far as that is necessary in order to comply with any law, regulation or legal requirement, to protect the integrity of the website, to comply with your requests, or to cooperate with any investigation of a judicial nature or of public safety.

Our Privacy Policy Regarding Children

SUMOL+COMPAL is very sensitive to privacy issues. We are proud of our already long-standing commitment to our customers. We are especially careful in communications with our younger customers - children.

On our websites, we provide many attractions, such as information on our products and applications linked to quizzes, which do not require the child to supply any personal information. With regard to children of 12 years of age or under, we only collect minimum personal information (such as the email address) to respond to the requests that they make to us on-line. For example, we may collect the e-mail address of a child to be able to send him or her screen protection, but we immediately delete that e-mail address from our system. Or then we may collect the e-mail address of a child so that he or she can take part in an on-line vote. We may also ask the child to indicate the e-mail address of one of his or her parents, so that we can notify them and request their respective consent. We do not collect any other personal information from a child of 12 years of age or under, such as their postal address or telephone number, without the express consent of one of the parents or a guardian. SUMOL+COMPAL does not condition the participation of a child in any on-line activity to the child revealing personal information which goes beyond that reasonably necessary for participating in that activity.

SUMOL+COMPAL will carry out all procedures deemed necessary for obtaining the consent of the parents or legal representative for collecting any data from the minor and for the purposes mentioned herein, and will also make every effort to check if the person presenting themselves as the parent or legal representative is in fact acting in that capacity. That mentioned in the previous paragraph will also be applicable to any users under the age of 18.

The personal information collected from children is exclusively used by SUMOL+COMPAL and by other entities which provide technical services or others to SUMOL+COMPAL. For example, those entities may provide services such as improving our websites, responding to requests or managing the quizzes and SUMOL+COMPAL will ensure that the said entities comply with all the regulations regarding the Privacy Policy. That personal information is not sold or transferred to third-parties.

We recommend that parents regularly check and supervise their children's on-line activity.


The user will always have control over the information he or she supplies to us on-line. If, at any given time, you wish to correct the personal information that we have about you, or you wish to change your preferences regarding our contacts or those on behalf of our commercial partners, you may do so using the e-mail or the postal address indicated below:

In order to examine any personal information we have about you or in order to request that your personal data be deleted or that we stop using that information, kindly send us that request to

In order to examine any personal information we have about your child, or in order to request that your personal data be deleted or that we stop using that information, kindly send us that request to


"Cookies" are small files of information that a website transfers to a computer's hard disk for record purposes. Cookies enable a computer to memorise information regarding the website that the user visited and will enable the visitor to use it more conveniently. As with the majority of websites, SUMOL+COMPAL uses cookies for a variety of purposes aimed at improving your on-line experience. For example, we monitor the total number of visitors to our website, anonymously and aggregately. We may also use cookies to recognise you when you visit the website again, to maintain a record of the products you have in your shopping basket, if you buy goods on-line, to manage certain contests and quizzes and to help your Web experience with SUMOL+COMPAL. In such circumstances, we may link personal information to a cookie file.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, or if you wish to be notified when you receive a cookie, use the options of your browser. Click on the "Help" section of your browser to learn how to change your preferences regarding the management of cookies. If you deactivate all cookies, you may not be able to benefit from all the advantages of this website.

Links and Other Websites

We may offer links to other websites which are not operated by SUMOL+COMPAL. If you visit one of those linked websites, you should examine the respective privacy policies and others. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies.

Other Websites of the SUMOL+COMPAL Group

All SUMOL+COMPAL's websites adhere to this policy. However, certain SUMOL+COMPAL websites may show differences due to the habits, practices or circumstances that are specific to the website. Nevertheless, such variations and in all cases, the websites operated by SUMOL+COMPAL must honour the commitments that we assume before our customers, as defined in this policy with regard to the collection and use of personal information.

In any case, the user should always consult the Privacy Policy found on the website that he or she is accessing, as well as the respective General Conditions.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time, it may become necessary to change SUMOL+COMPAL's privacy policy. As such, we suggest that you visit this page periodically. However, it is assured that any changes will not be applied retroactively and we will not change the way in which we process the information previously collected.

How to Contact Us
If you have any doubts about the General Conditions or the Privacy Policy on the Internet of SUMOL+COMPAL, contact us at:

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